3 liters whole milk 

1 liter heavy whipping cream 

1 cup powdered skim milk powder (not whole milk powder, it does not blend well) 

2 TBSP vanilla bean paste or pure vanilla extract 

4 probiotic capsules 

Yogurt starter (amount will depend on brand used, but enough for 4 liters or one US gallon)  


1 cup of yogurt from previous bath or store bought full fat organic yogurt 

  1. Fill water bath and set Anova to 185F.  
  1. Pour milk and cream into a large pot or container, whisk in skim milk powder. Place your container into the water bath and stir every few minutes until the mixture has reached 185F. You can also boil your milk mixture on the stove, but I find heating it in the water bath prevents scorching of the milk.  
  1. Set Anova to 115F and allow it to cool or add cold water to drop the temperature quickly.  
  1. Remove milk mixture from heat and allow it to cool to between 100F and 110F. Once cooled, add the vanilla, probiotic capsules, whisking well after each one, and then add your yogurt starter or yogurt. Whisk thoroughly.  
  1. Pour your milk mixture into your choice of canning jars. I use 4 1 liter jars or sometimes 250 ml or 500 ml canning jars and seal with lids. You may tighten them as normal, the temperature for yogurt will not cause the jars to crack.  
  1. Place your jars in your 115F water bath, ensuring they are covered or the water level is at least as high as the rim of the lid. Incubate a minimum of 8 hours and as much as 24. The longer you incubate your yogurt the more tart it will become.  Remove and allow to cool 30 minutes at room temp and then refrigerate. Yogurt will keep for up to 3 weeks, sealed.