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Lemon Curd

½ cup fresh lemon juice  3 ounces  butter  ½ cup Splenda (or swerve, xylitol etc…. To taste) (or sugar if not low carb)  2 large egg yolks  2 large eggs  Directions Heat Sous Vide to 180F.  Place lemon juice and sweetener in a large mason jar (500 ml or more) and blend.  Melt butter and allow to cool to room temperature  but still liquid.  …


Flourless Chocolate cake

Fudgey, moist, and rich! This flourless chocolate is lacking in gluten, but packs some serious flavor, and the precision of sousvide makes sure it’s perfect every time. Ingredients for 6 4 large eggs, cold ½ pound semisweet chocolate (chips or squares, chopped) bittersweet may also be used 4 ounces butter OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS 1/8 cup coffee liqueur …

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